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DeWalt and the Rise in American-Made Products

Many professionals and contractors take pride in their tools and the brand behind them, especially big-name brands like DeWalt, which originally built itself from the ground up in America. Where these tools are crafted often comes up in conversation when trying to compare quality and innovation.

This perspective and need for American-made products, especially trade tools and equipment, has not dropped despite rising inflation. In fact, a survey conducted by Morning Consult Pro found that nearly 67% of American customers look specifically for products that are made in the USA. And in another study, done by the Reshoring Institute ascertained that “Slightly more than 83% responded that they would pay up to 20% more for products made domestically.”

With this research in mind, plus the Biden-Harris Administration’s 2023 announcement that the final guidance to boost American-Made Goods in Federal Infrastructure Projects was completed, you can count on the fact that American-made products and materials are increasing.

Check out DeWalt’s video about building America together with more USA manufacturing facilities and tools:

Now, let’s dive into DeWalt’s progress with American-made tools and why they’ve returned to their roots. We will discuss USA-made DeWalt products and where they are manufactured, along with what global materials mean and how or if this changes the prices of products. 

DeWalt's Manufacturing Facilities in the USA

Graphic of the seven DeWalt Manufacturing Facilities in the USA

DeWalt made a strategic decision in 2013 to reintroduce United States tool manufacturing to significantly impact the company operations in a positive way, dubbing it “Project Eagle.”

Their footprint in the USA originally began with just one manufacturing facility and subsequently grew over the years. As of right now, DeWalt has seven dedicated factories across the nation, mostly on the East Coast. 

Assembly line of DeWalt Factory Workers

Check out the list below of where these seven US locations are:

  1. New Britain, CT

  2. Hampstead, MD

  3. Shelbyville, KY

  4. Greenfield, IN

  5. Cheraw, SC

  6. Charlotte, NC

  7. Jackson, TN

  8. Syracuse, NY 

DeWalt’s vice president of operations, Nick DeSimone , emphasized that they are “choosing to invest in domestic manufacturing because it’s important that we maintain our connection with core DEWALT customers.” He continued to explain that “not only can we build quality products in the United States, but we also care deeply about making things at home and bringing jobs back to the United States.” 

DeWalt wants to ramp up domestic production to make American-made DeWalt products more widely available. With this framework of manufacturing locations, DeWalt offers a wide range of tools, from hand tools to power tools, storage, and accessories, all bearing the “made in the USA” sticker.

Among these products, one of their best-sellers includes the DeWalt DCK299P2 20V Li-Ion Brushless Hammerdrill/Impact Kit. This kit is built in the USA with global materials, and it packs power and precision into every drive, drill, and hammer so you can handle anything the workday throws at you, embodying the American way of excellence.

20V MAX* Cordless Brushless XR® Hammerdrill & Impact Driver Combo Kit (5.0AH)

DeWalt bringing back manufacturing to the homeland is about more than just ramping up production, in fact, product quality, reliability, customer satisfaction, and confidence in the brand are what pushed them ahead. 

Why is it so difficult to manufacture power tools in the US?

Nick DeSimone, DeWalt's VP of Operations, points out lithium-ion batteries as a prime example of why power tools are hard to manufacture in the US. These batteries are mostly made abroad by facilities that have been in the game longer and at a level of expertise that the US lacks. Domestically, due to scarce domestic sources for electrical components, it’s challenging to build them here.

Though select products are produced in the USA, DeWalt doesn’t hide the fact that some components are globally sourced but with stringent quality control measures. In fact, according to, DeWalt makes most of its power tools in the USA, using both American-made parts and materials from around the world, which helps to control costs while continuing to support the American job market.

These manufacturing locations represent the backbone of DeWalt's operations, each playing a unique role in the company's mission to provide professionals with the tools they need to get the job done right.

DeWalt's commitment to quality and innovation from the East Coast to the Midwest shines through in every tool they produce.

What Does “Made With Global Materials” Mean?


The terms “Global Materials” or “Globally Sourced Materials” on products can be confusing and often seem misleading. Globally sourced materials, in short, mean components or other raw materials that go into making a tool, are bought from international companies or manufacturers to ensure quality and functionality while maintaining a cost-effective price.

DeWalt offers a clear explanation of where their USA-made tool materials are derived from. They strategically select manufacturing locations across the globe, including facilities in Mexico, Brazil, China, Italy, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, and the United States. Each location contributes years of experience and resources to the production process, adding to the overall efficiency and optimizing manufacturer and consumer costs.

Now that you know what globally sourced materials are, you may wonder,

What percentage of materials are made globally?

Graphic of DeWalt

This is a great question, and the United States government has answered it for you. There are plenty of rules and regulations that go into what classifies a product as American-made. Before 2022, there was a threshold of 55%, meaning that in order to make a “Made in America” claim, a product needed to have at least 55% of its materials made or sourced from the US.

As of 2024, the government increased this to 60 percent and plans to increase it to 75 percent in 2029. This is a reason why DeWalt must claim and acknowledge that they globally source their tool materials.

Check out DeWalt’s video on their 10 millionth tool being built in America

Why use globally sourced materials?

There are several reasons why companies like DeWalt would use globally sourced materials in their products. Globally sourced materials save costs and offer many different priced options, ensuring prices stay down and quality stays up.

Below are three main reasons why brands such as DeWalt may use globally sourced materials:

  1. Cost-Benefit Analysis: Currently, it’s still more cost-effective to make products and tools outside of the US. By globally sourcing materials, DeWalt can keep tariffs down while maintaining high-quality builds with carefully selected materials while also putting money back into the pockets of hard-working Americans through manufacturer jobs.

  2. Supply Chain Dynamics: The use of global materials provides a strategic supply chain infrastructure characterized by a network of suppliers and logistical partners spanning multiple continents and countries. These connections and relationships make sure that there is always a seamless flow of materials to the manufacturing facilities in the US. With high-demand companies like DeWalt, ensuring that supplies last and continue to come in a timely manner is crucial.

  3. Risk Mitigation: By sourcing its materials from multiple countries, DeWalt reduces the risks associated with global sourcing. By having several options, DeWalt safeguards itself from political instability, natural disasters, and other unforeseen challenges.

DeWalt’s Made in America Impact on Tool Pricing

Bringing tool manufacturing back to the U.S. is no simple task. It requires a collaborative effort from the government, DeWalt, and consumers. DeWalt is committed to offering tools and equipment that are both affordable and high-quality. Though some may assume the prices will rise with American-made DeWalt tools, that’s not the case. In fact, DeWalt ensures that no matter the manufacturing location, the tools will remain the same price. 

Quick Information

DeWalt tools are manufactured in the USA, with select parts built and sourced here and others sourced globally. There are seven manufacturing facilities in the United States located in New Britain, CT, Hampstead, MD, Shelbyville, KY, Greenfield, IN, Cheraw, SC, Charlotte, NC, Jackson, TN, and Syracuse, NY. The tools that are manufactured here include select power tools, hand tools, storage, and accessories.

They manufacture all their other tools outside the United States in Mexico, Brazil, China, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the Czech Republic. DeWalt has been steadily growing its Made in America initiative since 2013, and this plan to return to its roots has shown a commitment to understanding the user while keeping the costs the same.

Invest in Quality: DeWalt's American-Made Tools with Globally Sourced Materials

Overall, DeWalt's expansion of its manufacturing facilities in 2013 with its Project Eagle initiative has increased its leverage in the trade world, demonstrating its strong commitment to American-made quality and customer satisfaction.

With seven manufacturing facilities across the nation, DeWalt provides a wide selection of American-made tools and equipment, reinforcing its reputation as a company that guarantees durability and advanced technology.

So, whether for professional projects or weekend DIY tasks, consider exploring DeWalt's USA-made tools for unmatched performance and peace of mind.

DeWalt Made in USA Frequently Asked Questions

How can I identify DEWALT tools made in the USA?

DEWALT typically labels its American-made tools with prominent "Made in USA" markings or includes information about their U.S. origin in product descriptions and packaging.

Does DeWalt support veterans?

Yes, DeWalt demonstrates support for veterans through various initiatives and partnerships aimed at assisting veterans in their transition to civilian life and providing them with DeWalt job opportunities and resources. As of 2017, DeWalt employed over 1,600 veterans. 

What qualifies as an "Assembled in USA" claim for tools?

A tool may bear the label "Assembled in USA" if its primary assembly occurs within the U.S. and the assembly process is significant. Additionally, the final "substantial transformation" of the tool should have taken place in the U.S.

Which DEWALT tools are made in the USA?

DEWALT produces a range of tools in the USA, including certain power tools, hand tools, and accessories. These products are manufactured in facilities located across the United States.

Can you provide examples of valid and invalid "Assembled in USA" claims for tools?

  • Valid Claim: A power drill, primarily made of domestic parts but with some minor foreign components, undergoes assembly in the U.S.

  • Invalid Claim: All major components of a wrench set are imported, with final assembly involving a basic "screwdriver" operation in the U.S., which does not represent substantial transformation.


How much of DeWalt's materials are sourced globally?

DeWalt strategically selects manufacturing locations across the globe, including facilities in Mexico, Brazil, China, Italy, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, and the United States. The percentage of globally sourced materials varies depending on the product, but it helps maintain cost-effectiveness and quality.

What does "all or virtually all" mean in the context of Made in USA claims for tools?

It means the tool should contain minimal or no foreign content, with all significant parts and processing originating from the U.S.

Does DeWalt offer any deals on their tools?

Yes! DeWalt offers several different deals all year long. Check out our Deal Center or read more about DeWalt tool deals here

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