DeWalt DWH050K Large Hammer Dust Extraction - Hole Cleaning

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• 5/16" Hole Cleaning Tube
• 9/16" Hole Cleaning Tube
• 1-1/2" Hole Drilling Head Attachment
• 2" Hole Drilling Head Attachment
• Dust Extractor Body

• Two Interchangeable driling heads for optimum dust removal. One for holes up to 1-1/2" and one for holes up to 2"
• Tough Rubber Seal
• Adheres to most masonry surfaces
• Tough Rubber Seal allows for adhesion to most masonry surfaces
• Two Hole Cleaning Nozzles
• Match nozzle to hole size for Opitmal hole cleaning
• Two Hole Cleaning Nozzles Match nozzle to hole size for optimal hole cleaning.
• DW Unversal Connector
• Allows hose to swivel on extractor and provides better hose retention
• Fits DW Universal Hose Connector which allows for quick connection to hose & swivel capability

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