DeWalt 91968-01 Replacement Spacer for Shear Tool

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• (1) Spacer

• Compatible with the following machines: DeWALT DW891 Type 1 14 Gauge Shear DW891 Type 2 14 Gauge Shear DW891-220 Type 1 Gauge Shear DW891-220 Type 2 Gauge Shear DW891 Type 3 14 Gauge Shear DCS494B (Type 1) 20v 14g Swv Hd Shear Black and Decker 3208 Type 100 Swivel Head Shear 14 Gallon 3208-220 (Type 100) 220v 14ga Swivel Hd Shear

This is an authentic DeWALT replacement part. The spacer is found in power shears, and is generally used to maintain separation between the left knife and the center knife. Please be aware that there are different spacers used in the machine. Refer to the parts diagram to be sure of ordering the correct part. This part is made of metal, and is sold individually. You may require a screwdriver to replace this item.

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