DeWalt DCE041-25 Tool Connect Tag

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• (25) Tool Connect(TM) Tags

• Track any jobsite asset including large tools, pallets, material, heavy equipment, job boxes and more - regardless of brand, make or model
• LAST SEEN feature helps reduce wasted time and money by providing the street address of where the asset was last in range of your Tool Connect™-enabled device
• Increase jobsite asset security by getting out-of-range alerts sent right to your device, alerting you of a possible theft or unauthorized use
• Fast and simple pairing process that makes it easy to re-assign tags when needed. Just hold the Tag near your device and press the pair button for 3-5 seconds.
• Blue LED indicator light makes it easy to identify which Tag you are viewing on your app, ideal for a large site with hundreds of Tags
• The Tag is designed to be small and inconspicuous so it can be easily hidden on tools and equipment and therefore helps prevent tampering.
• IP68 rating means it is dust and water resistant and built to withstand jobsite conditions
• Connects up to 100 ft of a Tool Connect™-enabled device

• Tool Length: 2.2"
• Bluetooth Connectivity: Up to 100 ft.
• Integrated battery life: 3 years
• IP Rating: IP68

The Tool Connect™ Tag tracks anything on the jobsite including equipment, storage, large tools, and materials through the Tool Connect™ free mobile app. Attach the Tag to any jobsite asset, regardless of brand, make, or model, using a variety of methods such as glue, screw, or zip-tie. Unlike some competitors, each Tag features a blue LED identification light for easy and accurate pairing with the Tool Connect™ app. The Identify feature also causes the light to blink so you can easily find the Tag you are managing on your device. The Tool Connect™ 3-part inventory management solution includes the app and Inventory Manager web-based software that work together to help you better communicate updates from the field to the office. You will get updates regarding the whereabouts of tools, materials and equipment, meaning your assets are tracked during the day and accountability is placed on appropriate crew members. Use the Tool Connect™ Tag with Tool Connect™ tools, batteries, and the Connector for a complete inventory management solution.

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