DeWalt DCE151B 20V MAX Cordless Cable Stripper (Tool Only)

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• DCE151 Cable Stripper

• Depth gauge consistently strips cables up to 4"
• Strip #6 - 750 MCM Cu/Al Cable
• Quick release bushings allow you to quickly change bushings for each cable size
• Variable speed trigger with reverse for improved control
• Adjustable onboard LED light allows you to see in dark or low light situations
• E-Clutch™ system helps the user maintain control of the tool if it becomes jammed.
• Uses DEWALT bushings. Compatible with Greenlee® and Ripley® bushings.
• Using appropriate bushing, cable stripper works on both (THHN/XHHW) copper and aluminum cable, covering a range in size from 6 AWG to 750MCM CU and 900MCM AL.

• Voltage: 20V MAX*
• Tool Height: 6.95"
• Tool Length: 10.39"
• Tool Weight: 2.4 lbs.
• Cable Type: THHN CU
• CU Cable Capacity Range: 6 AWG to 750 MCM
• AL Cable Capacity Range: 5 AWG to 900 CM
• Depth of Strip: 4"
• LED Light: Yes

Strip electrical cable cleanly without a knife using the 20V MAX* XR® Cordless Cable Stripper. It quickly strips copper and aluminum cable from 6 AWG to 750MCM CU and 900MCM AL. Quick release bushings and a reference chart are includ(more...)

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