DeWalt DWMT75427B 9/16" X 11/16" Double Open End Wrench

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• (1) Open End Wrench

• 15 degree offset open end allows an increased range of arc swing in tight spaces.
• Two sizes per wrench gives more options with less to carry.
• Full Polish Chrome
• Stamped hashmark patter on wrench handle provides added grip points
• Sizes stamped twice on both sides of wrench handle for easier size identification
• DirectTorque Technology helps prevent rounding of fasteners
• Full Lifetime Warranty
• Stamped markings provide permanent visibility and prevents wear over time.

• Length: 7.7"
• Width: 1.7"
• Height: 0.8"

The Open End Wrench has DirectTorque technology to help prevent rounding of fasteners. This wrench also has the size stamped on both sizes of the handle to make it easy to identify within a tool box.

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