DeWalt PFC1271050 10 Oz AC200+ Acrylic Injection Adhesive Quik-Shot Cartridge

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• (1) Adhesive Anchoring System
• (1) Nozzle

• Designed for use with threaded rod and reinforcing bar hardware elements
• Cartridge design allows for multiple uses using extra mixing nozzles
• Evaluated and recognized for long term and short term loading
• Evaluated for installation and use in dry and wet concrete
• Qualified for seismic (earthquake) and wind loading
• Evaluated and recognized for freeze/thaw performance
• Mixing nozzles proportion adhesive and provide simple delivery method into drilled holes
• Bonding threaded rod and reinforcing bar into hardened concrete
• Fast curing system which can be installed in a wide range of base material temperatures; qualified for structural applications in concrete and masonry as low as 14ºF (-10ºC)

• Container Size: 10 oz
• Material: Acrylic
• Min. Embedment: 2-3/8"
• Min. Hole Depth: 2-3/8"
• Mixing Ratio: 1:1
• Rod Diameter: 3/8"
• Begins to Harden: 3 Minutes
• Curing Time: 30 Minutes
• Container Type: Cartridge
• Ultimate Tension in 4000 PSI Concrete (Lb.): 15655
• Temp. Range (F): 23 Degrees to 110 Degrees
• Application: Rebar Doweling, Threaded Rod Bonding
• Characteristics: Can Be Installed In Wet and Dry Concrete, Fast Curing
• Mixing Steps: Resin and Hardener are Dispensed and Mixed Simultaneously Through the Mixing Nozzle
• Meets/Exceeds: 2009 IBC, 2009 IRC, 2012 IBC, 2012 IRC, 2015 IBC, 2015 IRC, ACI 318-11/08, ACI 318-14, ACI 355.4, ASTM E 488, ESR-4027, ICC-ES AC308, NSF/ANSI 61

The AC200+ is a two-component, high strength adhesive anchoring system. The system includes injection adhesive in plastic cartridges, mixing nozzles, dispensing tools and hole cleaning equipment. The AC200+ is designed for bonding threaded rod and reinforcing bar hardware into drilled holes in concrete base materials and for post-installed reinforcing bar connections.

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