Powers Fasteners 6404SD-PWR 1/2" Snake+ Setting Tool

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• (1) Screw Anchor

• Designed for use in holes drilled with standard ANSI carbide drill bits.
• Anchor design allows for shallow embedment and mechanically interlocks with base material.
• Internally threaded anchor for easy adjustment and removability of threaded rod or bolt.
• Fast anchor installation with a powered impact wrench.
• Hammer not used for installation.
• Drop In Concrete Anchor

• Diameter: 1/2 Inch
• Thread: 1/2-13 Inch
• Anchor Size: 1/2"
• General Applications and Uses: Suspending conduit, Cable trays and strut, Pipe support, Fire sprinklers, Interior applications/low level corrosion environments, Tension zone areas, Seismic and wind loading applications, Suspended lighting

POWERS FASTENERS - 6404SD-PWR - 1/2" SETTING TOOL FOR SNAKE+ SCREW ANCHOR. The Snake+ anchor is an internally threaded, self-tapping screw anchor designed for performance in cracked and uncracked concrete. Suitable base materials include normal-weight concrete, structural sand-lightweight concrete and concrete over steel deck. The Snake+ screw anchor is installed into a drilled hole with a power tool and a Snake+ setting tool. After installation a steel element is(more...)

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