Powers Fasteners 7454SD1-PWR Power-Stud+ Sd1 7/8" X 10"

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• (10) Wedge Expansion Anchors
• (1) Nut and Washer

• Zinc-plated carbon steel
• Use in Category 1 cracked and uncracked concrete. Include nut and washer.
• Meet or exceed IBC, IRC, and Florida Building Code. UL Listed; FM Approved.

• Material: Steel
• Diameter: 7/8"
• Length: 10"
• Thread Length: 6-3/4"
• Thread Size: 7/8"-9
• Min. Embedment: 3-1/2"
• Embedment In Concrete: 3-1/2"
• ICC Approved for Cracked Concrete: Yes
• ICC Approved for Un-Cracked Concrete: Yes

The Power-Stud+ SD1 anchor is a fully threaded, torque-controlled, wedge expansion anchor which is designed for consistent performance in cracked and uncracked concrete. Suitable base materials include normal-weight concrete, structural sand-lightweight concrete and concrete over metal deck. The anchor is manufactured with a zinc plated carbon steel body and expansion clip.

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